The Helena and Aurora Range (Aboriginal name 'Bungalbin') is a magnificent banded ironstone formation (BIF) range in Western Australia that has National Heritage values and is worthy of protection from mining in a Class A Reserve and National Park and being declared a "No Go" area for mining.

The Helena and Aurora Range Advocates Inc (HARA), are not alone in having an appreciation of this range;

  • Ken Newbey (botanist), on visiting Helena and Aurora Range for the first time in the 1980s, exclaimed “This should be a National Park”.
  • The Yilgarn Shire on its website refers to the Helena and Aurora Range as Bungalbin Range and states that “It has spectacular rock formations and scenery, surpassed only by the Hamersley Range in Western Australia”
  • Simon Nevill (writer and photographer) states in his book on Parks and Reserves of WA " ... in this northern Yilgarn region .... there is one range that should never be mined and that is Helena Aurora Range north of Koolyanobbing."
  • The EPA in 2007 called the range "one of the more significant biodiversity assets in WA"


This website aims to introduce Helena and Aurora Range to those who have not yet visited it; introducing its majesty, wildlife, plants, natural heritage and conservation history (see Video, Gallery of photos, Maps & Location, Helena Aurora Range Bungalbin and much more). We aim to encourage people to visit this range for themselves (in person) and to provide a website where people can share their experiences of Helena and Aurora Range (see Blog and Other Associates).  

Helena and Aurora Range Advocates Inc. (HARA) is also providing this website as a centre point for 'all' information known and published on Helena and Aurora Range. In particular to present its conservation and heritage values.  This website is very much a task in progress, with some information likely to be missing, however, omissions will be rectified with the website being added to and updated on a regular basis.  

Last and not least our aim is to help conserve this range and its surrounds by speaking on behalf of Helena and Aurora Range, by being a voice in the community (hopefully one of many voices) calling for Helena and Aurora Range to be protected in perpetuity as a Class A National Park (see National Park Proposal), the highest level of protection currently available in Western Australia, towards preventing all mining and exploration activities on the range.  HARA recognises that this range, Bungalbin, is also very important to its Traditional Owners and supports them being joint managers of the Helena Aurora (Bungalbin) National Park when it is created.  



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Yilgarn Shire website, viewed December 2011


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