Aboriginal sites lodged with Department of Aboriginal Affairs (DAA) for Bungalbin (Helena and Aurora Range)


On Bungalbin (Helena and Aurora Range), there are seven Registered Aboriginal Heritage sites.  These were registered late in 2016. (source: Department of Aboriginal Affairs (DAA) website and Aboriginal Heritage Inquiry System, viewed 9 February 2017).

There are a further 11 Aboriginal sites that are listed on the Register and referred to as Other Heritage Places as they have yet to be fully assessed by the Aboriginal Cultural Material Committee (ACMC).  These 11 Other Heritage Places were lodged as early as 2002 (source: Department of Iindigenous Affairs (DIA) website, December 2011; viewed 15 January 2012).  Five of the 13 sites have been given the status of ‘insufficient information’.  

The 16 sites on Bungalbin are listed below.  

Note 1: The information of sacred sites is continually being updated.  For an update on the sacred sites on Helena and Aurora Range go to the Aboriginal Heritage Enquiry System on the DAA (previously DIA, Department of Indifenous Affairs) website.

Note 2: Not all Aboriginal sites are recorded on the Register and some sites may no longer exist.  However, “the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 protects all Aboriginal sites in Western Australia whether or not they are registered.”(DIA website, 15 January 2012).


Site Id.        Registered           Name and Purpose of place (Access status not given here)

No.               or Other

5600           Other                     Bungalbin, Artefacts / Scatter; Camp, water source;

18726      Registered               Aurora Ranges Womens Place; Artefacts / Scatter, Ceremonial,

                                 Grinding patches / grooves, Historical, Painting

18728           Other                   Ochre Quarry

18729           Other                   Rockholes

18730           Other                   Helena/aurora Ranges Gully; Mythological, Historical; Camp, Hunting Place,

                                                     Water source

18731           Other                   Helena/aurora Ranges Engraving

18732      Registered                Helena Cave;  Artefacts / Scatter, Ceremonial, Engraving,Historical, Rockshelter

20336           Other                   Ky19; Mythological, Artefacts / Scatter; Camp, Water source

20342           Other                   Ky28; Mythological, south side access to top of range (eastern ore deposit)

29178           Other                   J5 Rockhole 1

29179           Other                   J5 Rockhole 2

36942      Registered               Tjarralapalpal Peak and Range; Mythological.

36943      Registered               KY19c Tjaangi – Jasper Reef; Mythological.

36948      Registered               KY28a Rockshelter & Stone Arrangement; Mythological, Rockshelter.

36949      Registered               KY28b Mythological site, Watersource and Stone arrangement; Artefacts / Scatter,

                                                Mythological, Natural Feature.

36950      Registered               KY28c Mythological sites, Rockshelters & Stone arrangements; Artefacts / Scatter,

                                               Mythological, Rockshelter.

36951      Registered               KY28d Mythological site, Helena Aurora Range; Mythological.

18278           Other                  Hangover Bore 14

18279           Other                  Hangover Bore 03


For more information on Aboriginal heritage on Bunglabin (Helena and Aurora Range) see Traditional Owners of Range and Protection of Indigenous Cultural Heritage