EPA Annual Report 2013-2014

EPA Annual Report 2013-14


- has been tabled in Parliament

and is available to view


The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) released and tabled their annual report (2013-2014) in Parliament on 14 October 2014. 

(please note the document has been secured by the EPA at this stage)


"Message from the Chairman" [of the EPA], Paul Vogel

includes the statement

"This year, the report puts the spotlight again on the development pressures facing the highly biodiverse Banded Iron Formation ranges of the Yilgarn Craton, but this time with a particular emphasis on the ranges in the Midwest Region of the State." (see page 22)

This includes the BIF range Mungada Ridge, that like Helena and Aurora Range, has been identified as having very high conservation and landform values, has been recommended for Class A conservation status, yet this has still to occur. Both Mungada Ridge (or Mungada Range) and Helena & Aurora Range remain unprotected despite their highest conservation and landform values.