ABC News 21 October 2014 - EPA annual report 2013-14


re mining verses

protection of our conservation and heritage values in WA

The EPA has highlighted further concerns in its annual report 2013-14 - Mungada Ridge in the Mid West

(last year there was a focus on highlighting concerns for Helena and Aurora Range - still an ongoing concern) 


ABC News presents the story

extracts below



Environmental watchdog calls for A-class reserve

to protect ancient rock formations [BIF] in WA's Mid West

by Gian De Poloni

In 2009 the Government struck a deal with Karara Mining Limited for the miner to relinquish its tenure on the historic Mungada Ridge, about 200 kilometres south-east of Geraldton, if plans for the 995 hectare A-class reserve progressed.

The Environmental Protection Authority's (EPA) chairman Paul Vogel said the Government must act on a promise to establish such a reserve five years ago.

"We need to just get on with it now and implement what was agreed in 2009." - Dr Paul Vogel, Chairman of EPA


Development proposals conditional on reserve


Dr Vogel said the EPA had assessed 10 iron ore mining and infrastructure proposals in the area [WA's Mid West] since 2006.

Creating the reserve had been a condition of EPA approval for at least four of those.

"There has been pretty substantial development in this area over the years, but not the implementation of some of the decisions to create an A-class nature reserve," he said.
"I recognise that these things do take time to get through but we're not going to get started until we take the first steps."


Minister and mining company disagree over land relinquishment


Parties involved:

Mungada Ridge 

Karara Mine Limited

Environmental Minister Albert Jacob

Mr Jacob was adamant the creation of the reserve was dependent on Karara relinquishing its tenement over the ridge.

Karara's chief executive Dale Harris ... said Karara was continuing to study the potential to develop a mine at Mungada and was also looking into the area's environmental values, but had not yet put forward an official proposal.