J5 featured in Southern Cross Community Calendar




of J5 Outcropping (Helena and Aurora Range)  


in Southern Cross Community Calendar


Many people are fond of J5 and its unique, slightly understated, Banded Ironstone Formation (BIF) outcropping. One also gets an awesome view of the main range of Helena and Aurora from the top of J5.

J5 is ~600m north of the main range of Helena and Aurora Range and is at the southern end of the low series of BIF hills that head out to the north west for 22km. ( - see map)

J5 IS part of Helena and Aurora Range.   This is regardless of mining companies, on the other-hand, persisting in calling J5 part of Mt Jackson Range ... THIS IS STRETCHING IT - just a bit!


Photo of J5 on Helena and Aurora Range by Brian Moyle, featured in the 2015 Southern Cross Community Calendar.


J5 is the name given to an iron ore deposit on Helena and Aurora Range. It is also part of a mining proposal that has recently been referred to the EPA, J5 and Bungalbin East Iron Ore Project, which was determined by the EPA on 1 December 2014 to be given an API Category B (Environmentally unacceptable) level of assessment. The EPA report backing this decision is due to come out in January 2015, where there will then be a two week period when appeals can be received.