In 2014 a logo was drawn up for Helena and Aurora Range (Bungalbin)


A logo that can be used by any individual or group when promoting Helena and Aurora Range


The Wilderness Society put a call out for anyone interested in putting a logo together ..or any ideas ....

Artist Gemma O'Keefe got us to a great start with the initial concepts and design

Graphic Designer Sandie Stewart of Chocolate put it all together 

The process was overseen by HARA, WSWA and TWS



It was decided that the logo needed to include:

  • what was unique to the range = the shape of the range itself! - The Range's signature by Gemma O'keefe
  • flowers of the two rare endemic plants that grow on the Banded Ironstone Formation (BIF) rocks - Tetratheca aphylla subsp. aphylla and Leucopogon spectablis
  • an animal icon-mentor that lives on the range - the Western Pygmy Possum!
  • a slogan for our intent -  "SAVE HELENA & AURORA RANGE"

and backing the slogan, either

the moon in the night sky with the Southern Cross - after all the Range is in the Yilgarn Shire (with its town Southern Cross and Southern Cross logo)


just the moon almost invisible in the day - available as a magnet

and finally

the iron red BIF rock, moon, night sky and Southern Cross - this one is used as a flag-banner 

and available as a Car Sticker


The Helena and Aurora Range logo was first launched at the February 2015 night at Perth City Town Hall using

the Flag-banner, magnets and carstickers



If you would like some high resolution shots of the logo to use - please contact HARA Inc.