PER Timeline for J5 and Bungalbin East






during the J5 and Bungalbin East mine proposal assessment


2014 – 2017


The following timeline is from MAY 2014 TO JULY 2017,

covering the PER assessment of the J5 and Bungalbin East mine proposal

and other coinciding events



Note: The dates provided for the J5 and Bungalbin East mine proposal assessment are based on the timeline provided in the EPA’s Scoping Document (EPBC Ref. No. 2015/7494). Dates from September 2016 have been adjusted as the release of the PER document occurred two months later than in the original EPA timeline. Other events during this period are listed below and these are also documented on the Blog page of this website.


May 2014

- Mineral Resources Limited referred its ‘J5 and Bungalbin East’ mining proposal to the EPA (under Section 38 of the Environmental Protection Act 1986).

Presentation of paper: Helena and Aurora: Too precious to Mine by Brian Moyle at the Goldfields Environmental Management Group 2014 Workshop in Kalgoorlie, 21-23 May 2014

July 2014

- EPA released the referral for public comment on level of assessment, 2 July 2014. Submissions closed on Tuesday 8 July 2014. A total of 1,004 submissions were received.

Buckland to Bungalbin walk by Greg Warburton – on 3 July 2014, Greg Warburton set out on his walk from Buckland (north of Northam) to Bungalbin Hill (on Helena and Aurora Range) to retrace and commemorate the 1861 Dempster expedition and raise awareness of Helena and Aurora Range (Bungalbin). A 500 km walk. Greg reached the top of Bungalbin Hill 12 days later, on 15 July 2014.

December 2014

- EPA announced its recommendation to allocate the J5 and Bungalbin East proposal an API Category B (Environmentally unacceptable) level of assessment.

If accepted by the government of WA (Minister for the Environment) the mine proposal would not be able to proceed.

January 2015

– Report outlining reasons for EPA recommendation announced in December 2014 was released to the public on 12 January 2015 (EPA Report 1537).

The EPA concluded that the proposal could not be managed to meet the EPA's objectives for Landforms and Flora and Vegetation and therefore should not be implemented.

Helena and Aurora Range was on the ABC 7 O’clock News on Tuesday, 13 January 2015 (by Claire Moodie), in response to the EPA announcement and release of report, .

February-March 2015

– There were appeals against the EPA recommendation for the J5 and Bungalbin East mine proposal. The Appeals Office and Appeals Convenor oversees the appeal process. A report with recommendations would have been prepared by the Appeals Convenor for the Minister for the Environment.

Event, to celebrate and protect Helena and Aurora Range (Bungalbin) – a night at Perth City Town Hall on 19 February 2015. Many people attended. A night of “Art, Inspiration and Action”

Helena and Aurora Range story on LANDLINE titled Ironstone broadcast on 1 March 2015, by Reporter Bronwyn Herbert.

April 2015

– The Minister for Environment, Albert Jacob, directed the EPA to assess the J5 and Bungalbin East mine proposal at the Public Environmental Review (PER) level of assessment.

The EPA recommendation was rejected by the Minister for the Environment based on there being “relatively few proposals where the concept of ‘Landforms’ has been applied in the way it has been in this case” and that the PER process “will provide more detailed information to assist government in making an informed decision on the proposal.” (Minister’s Appeal Determination, Report 1537, 22 April 2015).

May 2015

- The EPA prepared the Environmental Scoping Document for the J5 and Bungalbin East PER (Public Environmental Review). The EPA determined that the J5 and Bungalbin East PER (Public Environment Review) be subjected to an 8-week public review period.

May 2015–August 2016

– The proponent (Mineral Resources Limited) prepares the PER document for the J5 and Bungalbin East Iron Ore mine proposal.

ANZAC Dawn Service held on top of Helena and Aurora Range (Bungalbin) on 25 April 2016.

September 2016

- Public submissions opened on 5 September for the J5 and Bungalbin East PER document.

October 2016

- Public submissions on the J5 and Bungalbin East PER closed, 31 October 2016.

November–March 2017

- The OEPA (Office of the Environmental Protection Authority) presented the arguments included in submissions to the proponent for a response. The Office of the EPA then assesses the proponent’s response and prepares a report for consideration by the EPA Board.

March 2017

- State Election in Western Australia on 11 March 2017.

~April 2017

- EPA releases its recommendation on the J5 and Bungalbin East proposal. There is then an opportunity for appeal (overseen by the Appeals Office and Appeals Convenor).

~June-July 2017

- The Minister for the Environment announces publicly his/her decision on the J5 and Bungalbin East mining proposal. A Minister’s report is provided on the reasons for his/her decision.

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